Tuesday, February 27, 2007

South Pacific Sweating

Yes even in the South Pacific I continue to train, every morning a five km loop on a Pacific Island. But alas my I pod is flat and all I can here is the sweat pouring out of me.
Have my 6ft track Ultra on March 10th followed by a 100km Ultra two weeks later so my holiday still has me running ragged, not to mention squeezing in two to three Scuba dives a day
Life and training continues, sans music
Port Vila

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Not only have I joined a gym here whilst i am holiday, tell you what it is a total new experience to have a spin class where you actually understand every word. Then again the two classes I have done it is funny to listen to the accent, by the girls have had an "occa" / Australian heavy accent, that I had to smile to hear classic Aussie slang classics like "Youse"

More later only running with Molly and I have some stair work to do this morning

Sydney Australia

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Has Mal been SLACK ?

Well no actually I have not neglected my training , sure I would like to have been swimming more. But since it was snowing in the UK, they do not have lap pools in Economy Class on Singapore Arlines or on trains thru Mountains, how was I to know that the Bathurst City Council would of closed its one and only pool to renovate it to Olympic standard. I do not have a bike with me here and I hope to find a spinning class today.
But running yes readers, only snow and flying has meant that I have not run every day. From the streets of London thru the suburb I grew up in as a boy, to rural Australia and post Country Showgrounds and with my old dog along creek banks with Kookaburras and Cocatoos
Hope to write more over the weekend before heading off to Fiji next Tuesday

Running In Wales

I have never trained somewhere as cold and as hilly as the roads around here, from the guest house hotel it is literally an uphill stretch for a km and I mean uphill not some small gradient that you move up for two minutes and hit the flats, this is ten minutes uphill steady long windy small road with hedge row on both sides, and a permanent frost on the ground.

Fields with sheep and the green is so incredible, you could not go outside without a hat and gloves, the air is so cold that it almost hurts your lungs.