Tuesday, February 27, 2007

South Pacific Sweating

Yes even in the South Pacific I continue to train, every morning a five km loop on a Pacific Island. But alas my I pod is flat and all I can here is the sweat pouring out of me.
Have my 6ft track Ultra on March 10th followed by a 100km Ultra two weeks later so my holiday still has me running ragged, not to mention squeezing in two to three Scuba dives a day
Life and training continues, sans music
Port Vila


dpeach said...

Sounds like a blast. That sounds like a dream vacation to me. Running and diving.

Chaim Daon said...

Hiya mate,
You'll be happy to know that 3 of us did Kfar Sava 10 k.
TP finnished 51 point something, I finished 53 point something and Boston C did 1 hr and 1 min.
Of course we missed you there.
Be well and watch out for sharp shark teeth.
Captain Caveman