Thursday, February 15, 2007

Has Mal been SLACK ?

Well no actually I have not neglected my training , sure I would like to have been swimming more. But since it was snowing in the UK, they do not have lap pools in Economy Class on Singapore Arlines or on trains thru Mountains, how was I to know that the Bathurst City Council would of closed its one and only pool to renovate it to Olympic standard. I do not have a bike with me here and I hope to find a spinning class today.
But running yes readers, only snow and flying has meant that I have not run every day. From the streets of London thru the suburb I grew up in as a boy, to rural Australia and post Country Showgrounds and with my old dog along creek banks with Kookaburras and Cocatoos
Hope to write more over the weekend before heading off to Fiji next Tuesday

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like your vacation has been better for the soul than for the legs. Ah, the balanced man! Glad you took your camera....when all else fails...take a picture, Mal. The road with hedgerows is a dream many never get to see, with the fields and grazing sheep. How come you didn't get a photo of the sheep....which most of us are...just sheep following you around...dumb. Thanks for the writing..we enjoy the reading part.
Two novices