Friday, November 02, 2007

Focusing on Changes

Running is an individual sport, you can run with friends or a group but they cannot be your arms legs or lungs. But they can and always be part of me.
I have struggled with many aspects of running and perhaps finally I have found that being competitive had made me the wrong runner. Time happens once and you cannot not turn it back but only look forward to the clock going forward.
Dwelling on times and competition does not make me a better runner/triathlete.
It is time know to start enjoying again each footstep, enjoy training and from time to time join friends for a race, run how I feel and at the end reflect on the day with a smile and knowing that I tried my best and nothing is more rewarding than sharing that with friends


Black Knight said...

Thanks for the comment on my (former) running blog and the wishes for my broken leg.
My opinion about your quote "I have found that being competitive had made me the wrong runner" is that it depends by the mood of the moment. Sometimes the competition helps to find new goals and drives out the laziness.

dashaver said...

I think being in competions with yourself and those around is what running is all about and my greatest enjoyment of our sport.