Friday, July 07, 2006

The sanctaury of the Gym

The first thing I had when I got out of Gaza yesterday was a cup of coffee , then next thing i wanted was to head to the gym and it felt great just being somewhere quiet again where I could work out in peace.
Gyms can sometimes be stale and sterile, but it just felt great after being in Gaza to be able to step into the steam room and feel all the crap come out of the pores of my skin
I plan to run a solid 25 km tomorrow morning, I have not been this psyched about a run since the NY Marathon last fall so till then I am going to relax and just have time to myself
Downloading the new Phedippidations and other podcasts , then the road beckons


Annette said...

Good luck on your first run in awhile!

Isn't funny how the simple things in life are the things we miss the most?

Mal said...

I always believe that it is the small things I miss and not the big tickets events that we take for granted
Thanks for your comment