Thursday, July 26, 2007

Reading a Dogs Breakfast

I thought I would share my Heart rate readout from last Saturdays Long Group Ride, the trouble with information is that sometimes the graphs often look like a "Dog's Breakfast" with so many lines it can look like spaghetti thrown against a wall and it is only after you start to itemize each line can you start to find the information you need, now whether it makes any sense or aids my training will come with time when I look back at my cycling workouts.

The kicker for this workout is that we are in the strength building phase of the triathlon season, well actually we are in the summer break of the season which kicks back in early Sept with around 4 Olympic distance races of which I will probably do 3. The last race of the season is down in Eilat about a five hour drive and will involve a couple of nights in hotel and I am not sure whether the finances warrant going down for an olympic when I am focused now for the Ironman in less than a year.

Perhaps the hard thing is that when you jump in a pool and swim a lap , it hits me as to the magnitude that lays ahead. I have no doubt as to my belief in myself that I will and I am capable of achieving a goal that defines me as a person of commitment.

This week has seen me do the following

Group Open Water Swim - 1500 m [5 sets of 10 minute repeats] immediately follwed by 40 minute tempo run [7.5km] temp above 30 C , Core Super Set & Stretch 30 minuts

AM Group Track 1 Hour with Coach Ron , heavy Pliometrics strength training
PM Core Super Set & Stretch 30 minutes

6 am - 1 hour bike drills [25 km's] 4 repeats one leg drills on hill and cadence work
7.30 am - Core Super Set & Stretch 30 minutes
9 am - One Hour Spin Class with sprints
10.30am - One Hour swim drills

AM - Group Track 1 Hour - Strength and Cadence Running 400's

Phew and the weekend is still to come

Train Strong

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bari said...

Mal, you have to come to Eilat -- it's the best race of the year! It is a bit expensive, but it's a fun race with a great atmosphere, a good party afterwards and then the elite race (it's a World Cup race this year) the following day. If you don't mind less-than-luxurious accommodations, you can stay at the youth hostel across from the mall (you'll probably need to make reservations well before the race, though). It means you'll have to pay more for the race itself, as there's a discount for anyone who stays in Isrotel, but overall, you'll still save money. In 2004 and 2006, I stayed at the Sport Club Hotel and in 2005 I stayed at Riviera Club (which can also save you some money, especially if you can find some friends to room with, but it doesn't include meals). I could skip Caesarea and/or Hof Karmel, but not Eilat!