Saturday, June 24, 2006

Reasons not to run

I woke up this morning at 5 am and had all intentions to go out and run as I have done twice this week, and yet i stopped and thought , listing reason why not to train. It seems so silly to go out and run when the comments you get from friends is " Be safe" and do I really want to run when at the back of my mind with every step I take is the risk I am taking for what take the time off use it as a rest period and not have to wory that a car will pull up next to me and throw me inside.


Blaine Moore said...

Well, that attitude won't get you to being an Ironman next year.

I enjoy my morning workouts. They get me ready to face the day.

Marc said...

Get a clue Blaine! What good is it to train to be a in a triathlon if one day you are out for a run and you are kidnapped or killed because you are the "wrong type" of human.

You think things in Israel are like Portland, Maine? What is the worst that can happen to you in Maine, being chased by a moose?

Captain Caveman said...

My friend,
As your running mate on a normal Saturday, you should know that it's not easy for me too. Last Saturday rather than run with you I had to get out of the bed early in the morning out of my hotel on the sea of Galilee after breaking my marathon training diet the night before by drinking copious amounts of beer and wine and eating humous and bbq'd fish and other good stuff and go for my run (alone).
The weather was hot, humid and after 5 kms, I felt like collapsing so had to turn around and end the run at a mere 11 kms.
since last week I did my shattering 22 kms (also alone) I wasn't too upset.
Hope to run with you this Saturday, same time, same place.