Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday Double

11 Jun, 2006
New York 2006
30 km
1:00:00 (2:00/km)
Avg. HR:122 Max HR:131
Specialised Spin Shoes (240.0 km)
This spin class goes from bad to worse , and if was not for the YOGA afterwards would not go, the routine is flat and mundane , the music today hit an all time bad selection to the point that a couple of times we had our fingers in the ears to protest. I estimate that 45 minute of the class was in Position One , just turning for no reason

New York 2006
Hp Gym
Rest HR:46 Avg. HR:59 Max HR:81
Really starting to get into this Yoga , thing hard to ascertain if I am becoming more flexible yet , but lets say no harm is taking place, only trouble being my black big toe


psbowe said...

Found your blog via the Running blog family dir.

Looks great, hope you class becomes more enjoyable.

Snsupply said...

same, found your blog on the running blog. i to have considered starting yoga for i heard it is a great help to maintain weight loss

Mal said...

many thanks to all that leave messages , helps to know that out there people read my blog , and re Yoga keep reading and lets see if I improve
Thanks to all Mal