Thursday, May 03, 2007

Arbaim Ve Schome

Ok whats with the title of the blog today?

Well in my poor translation of hebrew it is actually "Forty Eight" and hence my bitrhday, funny thing is that i do not feel 48.

Two days out from the Jordan Valley Half Ironman and in reality today was the last of the training taper days , a 45 minute run (should of done 48) made up of 3 repeats 10 min Easy 5 Minute Race Pace . We have a sandstorm of sorts here at the moment and the temperature was above 30 degrees C at 6 am when I ran

Getting my stuff together for tomorrow, looks like an expedition rather than a simple race of Swim Bike Run

Reminder to self , at dinner tonight PLENTY OF WATER

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david said...

Good luck with the half ironman.