Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tr (a) ing for Transitions.

Now anyone who entered or watched a triathlon has seen and heard about the fifth discipline of triathlon – Transition.

The experts and pros make it look so simple and effortless taking seconds as the move from one discipline to the next, for us new triathlete’s a better comparison is “like watching paint dry” , or in other words women can buy shoes faster than I could transition in my first efforts.

The next triathlon is in Tel Aviv in three weeks and training today in the mountains involved two brick sessions ride hard for an hour, transition and then run hard for 25 minutes. Have a five minute drink break then ride two hard loops with aggressive drafting , transition and then run harder for ten minutes.

Now a key thing to remember is that in our tri group is that out of the sixty odd who turned up for training today, I was the only member of our smaller sub group of twenty who are focusing on the Tel Aviv Race who does not speak Hebrew and the coach stood around and gave a lengthy 5 minutes of explanation in Hebrew of what we were to do. My briefing was 10 seconds so I thought I missing out on the finer points, which became all to evident when I finished the first bike and to be asked why my running shoes were not around as we were doing transition training, I pointed out as I walked back to my car that no one told me that we were doing transitions.

Anyway all worked out great and no doubt my transitions will be faster and tighter in the Tel Aviv Triathlon.

Not to pretty a sight and a good reason to keep shaving my legs

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21stCenturyMom said...

See if your coach will beat you with paddles to help you practice swimming in the washing machine ;-)