Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Three Days Out

So I had planned as my first Triathlon to do an Olmypic distance race , surely a 1500m swim in open water, followed by 40 km on the bike and a 10 km run would be enough for my first Tri, hell I do not even know what happens in those Transition areas having never done a "transition".
Well no for some reason I have decided that I will be doing the "Half Ironman" 1900m swim, 90 km bike ride and then run a half marathon , why ?.
Because there is only one Half ironman a year here in Israel and so the left side of the brain has for some reason over ridden all common sense and I have entered it.
Feeling positive about the day, as my goal is not time orientated and just to finish with a smile is all I want.
Have been tapering and concentrating on nutrition this week along with the other great pondering of the event do I wear an old wetsuit , this morning at six am I was downstairs in the pool, and almost drowned on my first lap swimming in a wetsuit, as stupid as that sounds. I thought my time over 1000m was better than yesterday when I swam in my trisuit, but was a minute slower however I was warmer . So this is a question that will no doubt irk me to I actually get in the water Saturday. What to wear ? wetsuit or tri suit ... Erring on the side of the tri suit only at the moment
Followed the swim with a good run , easy 4.5 km loop around the suburb in 22:52 Heart rate did not get above 137 and best km split was 5:12.
Tomorrow I have a 45 minute run which i will do at easy pace and race pace over three intervals

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21stCenturyMom said...

I'm wearing a wetsuit for the first time for my tri. It isn't really an option when you are swimming in 50 degree snowmelt. I hope it doesn't slow me down because I'm slow enough as it is!