Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tri'ng yet again

Apologies for the lack of postings but been having enough trouble finding time to train amongst all the grief and troubles going on down here in the Middle East , and computer access is not a major thing sitting on dusty hilltops in war zones.

But enough of that rubbish lets focus on the things that make us better as people and things we enjoy rather than images that fleet past us.

Now you would think that having done a Half Ironman in 6:33:00 that the coach would cut me some slack but within days it was back to track work etc.

The reason was last Friday was another triathlon , for those who are fortunate to live in countries were it seems that there is a tri athlon or running race every weekend to choose from, it aint that way here . With summer beating down we do not race basically from mid june till Sept so most events are stacked in May

Last Friday was my first Olympic distance race - 1500m swim , 40 km bike ride and 10 km run

Well having only ever done one triathlon before this was yet another eye opener , as the swim was in the sea , the bike was 5 loops of the same circuit with drafting allowed and the run was 4 loops out and back.

I finished in a PB time , well it was always going to be a PB as it was my first olympic distance, to be greeted by the head coach of our group saying , not well done but "You need to work harder" and my coach saying my running "sucked" and I have to work on running not like a marathoner but a fast runner. Not exactly words of encouragement and congratulations but words that have made me train and work harder.

Hey I am going to get this swim freestyle under my belt four , I even swam in training last Monday in open water freestyle. My biking aim is to learn to push harder and man do i pump my arms harder now.

Another Olympic distance in a few weeeks in Tel Aviv .

But the next big and real challenge is that i want to do an Ironman next year, hey it will only take 14 hours to do and nine months to train for


21stCenturyMom said...

Your coach sucks! Honestly - for you to get out there and do an Oly so soon after doing a HIM is HUGE! And you finished - so THERE to your coach.

Congratulations on your Oly. I'm sure your time was fine.

Am I surprised you are looking at an IM? No - not a bit.

21stCenturyMom said...

I just noticed the clock on the picture and now I know your time was fine considering that you never go to recover from your HIM. I hope your coach knows about recovery - it is a critical part of training. If you just back off for a week you will come out the other side much, much stronger.

Mal James said...

Actually my coaches are great people they are trying to push me harder which is what I need I just like to bitch about them LOL .

Yes an IM is on the cards for next year thinking about IM Australia as I can train during the winter here when it is cooler and do the IM in April 2008