Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another Pictoral gem from the past

So people doubt that at times I do not run seriously have been looking back on old computers for running photos and came across this gem from the Ein Gedi Half marathon a few years back , run along the Dead Sea the lowest place on Earth 450ft below Sea level. This was from memory my first half and was run in a howling sand storm


Anonymous said...

Would we doubt your seriousness, Mr. James? Say it isn't so! Love the photo and can relate to the dust and the desert...although we still have to say the Arizona desert is prettier. Now a question..How does altitude effect your running....physically? We lived in Denver..a mile high...and know how you need an oxygen mask at times. But never thought about 450 below sea level. What does it do to you, Mr. James? Do you train differently for different elevations? Is running time always faster at some elevations? Really enjoy the photos.
Inspired running say the least,

Jill said...

Too cool!! I visited Israel back in 1981 and even made it to the Dead Sea. What an awesome place - loved floating in the water, but forgot to bring shoes to wear in it and had a heck of a time getting to and from the water!!