Friday, December 29, 2006

Change of Blog Name Yes/No ?

I just looked back to my first entry in this blog entitled "Left Right Repeat" in fact for the first few days of writing my running & exercise blog it was in fact called " Left Right Repeat "

Here is this first entry from January 3rd 2006 for youu so that you do not have to go back through the archives .....

"Running is simply a matter of moving your feet , first the left then the right and repeating this as many times as you can for as long as you can till you get to where you want to get too.

Once you are there you are a runner, can anything be simpler in life. No matter how far we go or how fast we do it we are all runners.

Over time and (diistance) you will get to know me and how I became a runner, from the man who could not run around a flat suburban block in Sydney Australia to crossing the finishing line in Central Park in New York.

It is not rocket science , just left right repeat"

I am thinking now that given that I still have trouble remembering how to actually write out .1of1% in the http thing line where we write www's should I try and change the name back to left right repeat or do you like the .1 name

If you feel like weighing in on my name procrastinations feel free to write a comment back to me


Anonymous said...

Mr. James.....We definitely like...LEFT RIGHT REPEAT. With this entry you changed our whole attitude about running. We felt like we were outsiders, standing on the fringe, wishing to be runners but not really equipped or having the facilities to meet the challenge or be a part of the running world. But you made us runners with your comment...left, right, repeat. THAT we can and You always make us is like life, Mal. People tell you how to live with tons of rules and tricks to live the perfect fulfilling life...but we have noticed that with all the rules and talk and plans.. some people never really live even after much study..too busy talking about it and not enough doing it. So we are off again today, picking them up and putting them down, thanks to your inspiration, "right, left, repeat." We don't care what anyone says about us, Mr. James...we are runners and we definitely live life and don't just talk about it. We like your new site thingy. Being isolated we love to read all the great blogs people do, especially the Military ones. Yes, computers are heck to deal doubt! But you do good, Mr. James. This is a vote for Right Left Repeat ...for sure.
Readers in the beautiful deserts of the USA,

Mal James said...

many thanks for the kind words , I too actually prefer left right repeat so lets see . The hard thing will be for me to actually figure out how to change the title. may a lightning bolt of technical inspiration hit me LOL
Thanks Mal

Anonymous said...

Mr. James....when in doubt ask someone who knows....screw the directions. We also looked up how far a kilometer is in English. We thought you were running really long distances and come to find out...we run that far just to get groceries. It was sort of an encouragement to us.

Mal James said...

And I always thought that those who ran miles only did so because it was shorter and took longer LOL

Anonymous said...

2 shay

Anonymous said...

Out done by an Australian....nevar..the race is on...LOL

Russ said...

For me, it's more like:
Apply bodyglide, nipple bandages and sunscreen. Put gel packs/sport beans in pockets. Pre-position water bottles along route. Don heart rate monitor strap. Attach and calibrate shoepod or await GPS satellite lockon.

LOL. Seriously, I prefer .1 of 1% but either way is good.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Mal!...we had no idea it was going to get so complicated. Russ has terrified us..again...what is all that stuff anyway?...and what in the h*** are nipple bandages? We are definately not going to be able to purchase them at the $ store down the mountatin...had hard enough time getting running shoes around here. Thanks Russ but in the interest of keeping it simple...and within our reach.. we are still voting for Left Right Repeat. LOL...possibly.

Runner Susan said...

Is it anything like wash, rinse, repeat? I think I can handle that.

Here's to a great new year!

Anonymous said...

Have a great New Year, Mr. James and may you finish every race!

DPeach said...

Mal, I fell behind in my reading, but I finally caught up this morning (I should be doing something else thought, hehe).

As far as a name change, I could go either way. I like the name .1of1%, but I did have trouble finding it when Steve started mentioning it on Phedippidations. I now have it bookmarked, so it is not a problem. The "Left Right Repeat" name is a good one too. Easier to find.

So, I vote...whichever.

How's that for conviction?