Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Running Music

So on those days when I want to run long what do I listen too?
To be honest I actually enjoy listening to Podcasts on running and nothing beats Steve Runner and Phedippidations , if you have not come across this running gem log onto or look up itunes.

But I do have a generic list of tunes I enjoy running to and for the sake of everyone knowing what music I listen to hear are some of my favorites

Be warned you may shake your head in disbelief at my tastes

Make your own kind of Music - Mama Cass Elliott
Sorry - Madonna
Pretty Vegas - INXS (The Rockstar Edition from the TV show)
Lola - Dave Matthews Band
Voodoo Child - Rogue Traders
Its a beautiful life - Ace of Base
Ooh la la - Faces
Heart go faster - Davey Brothers
Ring of fire - Social Distortion
Let me entertain you - Robbie Williams
Lyla - Oasis
Because of You - kelly Clarkson (remix)
Somebody told me - The Killers (mylo remix)
Point of View - DB Boulevard
Throw Your Arms Around Me - Peral jam & Ben Harper
Start me Up - Rolling Stones
Downtown - Petulia Clarke
Cups - Underworld
Aint that a Shame - Cheap Trick Live
What You Need - Inxs
Everlasting Love - Glori Estafan
Things Can Only get Better - Howard Jones
I'm Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves
Always Something There To Remember - Naked Eyes
Spirit in the Sky - T Rex
Vertigo - U2
Pure Shores - All Saints
Feel the Beat - Darube
I am the Ressurection - The Stone Roses
Push the Button - Sugababes
Elevation - U2
Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo
Beautiful Day - U2
Love Generation - Club Mix Bob Sinclair
You take My Breath Away - DJ Tiesto
Get Ready for this - Sports
You're the Best Thing - The Style Council
Live & let Die - Guns and Roses
Devil Inside - INXS
Breathless - The Corrs
Lido Shuffle - Boz Skaggs
Bad Day - Daniel Porter
Drop the Pilot - Joan Armatrading
City of Blinding Lights - U2

These are in no specific order and I mix and match according to what type of training I am doing on the day

The thing is to figure out and guess which is the track I have listened to the most?


Anonymous said...

Well, we've covered science, math and washing our laundry in preparation for running with you, you pose a logic question concerning of all things. We are up to it if you are down with that, Mr. James.
What a variety you picked! All beat Techno music..Ace of Base is good, Australian right?..we heard Techno is big in Israel AND nothing like a bunch of aging hipsters (rolling Stones, Petula Clark) doing Rock & Roll...listening to hips cracking as they girate on stage. Grew up with them right? We actually figured you were a Green Day man but go figure..But after much compilation and a little scientific study here WE CONCLUDE THAT YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC TRACK IS..DA DA...U2...Beautiful Day. Do we win a prize or somethin' if we're right? We play the fast stuff first and then something a little slower for the middle of a run and then we hit it at the finish. But we could be wrong in our routine as we are so new to this running thing. You didn't ask but our favorite to run to is Weird Al and his songs on CD Bad Hair Day...which we figure you can relate to...right? heehee Like "I Remember Larry" and "Alternative Polka." It is a must, Mal, and if you are not in the mood will get you there. Can't wait to see if we got this music thing right. This running thing is just getting better and better. Oh yeah..we cool down with Sting. Thanks for the music tips and happy runnin' today Mal!!!!
Annie & Neatie
By the know Mal that it is a scientific fact that when runners and other thin men who drink all that beer, like has come up in your blogs...thier asses disappear. They really should put warning on that stuff. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Got some great running music but you will never find it anywhere. Will send it to you if you can tell us where to send it.

Anonymous said...

You'll find some free tools there to find songs to run by.