Friday, December 22, 2006

Good to be running again

It has been a long time since I could walk out the door and just run, so i look at my time in Iraq as my seasonal break, enforced by other than good intentions. Also I was a "wuz" in Iraq and it was too cold too run all I had was my running singlet and shorts and with the temperature in the low c's and 40's f .
I decided that I was allowed to skip running and pump iron with the Marines, well OK i did weights and the Marines Pumped Iron it is scary to be next to young guys 18 - 22 in a Gym three hours a day.
I am about two weeks out from the Tiberius Marathon on Jan 4, which I am doing for fun taking it easy and just cruising along still debating whether to try the Galloway Run 9 min Walk 1 min , in my other 4 marathons I have always bonked somewhere between 19 and 23 miles and have found my splits just awful with dead legs.
Has anyone else been there and tried Galloway without training Galloway at all?
Today a nice ten km , very easy low heart rate average 113 max 135 (up small hill) time around 57 minutes, given it was first run back after Iraq felt good , right knee had been very sore for last few days which I must of cracked? in the Marines Gym in Iraq
Looking forward to hearing back from anyone re Galloway Idea



Jill said...

I usually do intervals when I train. I just haven't been too good about doing them when I do my marathons! But I need to. I do better when I do. Seem to have more gas left towards the end. But then - I am slow.

Everyone says to not do anything new come race day. But if you are just doing this for fun - you could try it. Maybe give it a few test "runs" before you decide for sure.

russ said...

It's not the official Galloway method, but you can walk for a minute or two at each water station. Same effect, and makes it easier to drink, too.
(sorry if this is a duplicate post)