Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the day before Christmas

Now the trouble is that when I come back home to Israel after Assignment I am basically bored on my days off, at least when i am working I know I have stuff to do when I am here and almost everyone is away there is nothing to do, So basically I train in the morning go home get bored so train again in the late afternoon as thus today actually looked like this

7 am Spin Class - Crap Instructor all in Hebrew he arrives late as usual with bad music , cardio OK workout
8 am Core Class - a good 15 minute workout of the stomach and core
8:15 am Weights Gym - Upper Body Sets Shoulders Chest Arms
9:00 am Steam Room

pay rent, get ripped off by landlord , nothing new here but anyone who claims to be a millionaire and then chases me up for what he did just sucks , instant ruined relationship end of story. Going to make him buy a new toilet seat tomorrow for the apartment

go grocery shopping , buy new fabric softener as the other woman in the aisle agreed it smelt the best after opening ten other.

Go home unpack , find out what I thought was cottage cheese is in fact not cottage cheese , so why the hell do they put a cottage on the front like they do on cottage cheese

Watch a movie get bored decide to head back to Gym

4:45 Weights - Upper Arms
5:00 pm Core Class again
5:15 pm Eliptical half hour cross country course
6:00 pm swim 500 m
6:20 pm Jacuzzi

Then up to the cafe in the gym as I have internet here which I do not have at home apart from my blackberry

And thus was my Xmas Eve 2006


Anonymous said...

Hey Mal...Since you are....bored...thought we would share our pre-Christmas excitement with you.
6AM....Rise from beds...slowly.
6:15..Coffee, cigarettes and check internet to see if we are still here.
6:30 Walk dog pack
6:45 Throw dog poo and other miscellaneous wild animal scat over fence into irritating neighbor's yard.
7:00 More coffee, cigarettes and serenity prayer. hummm
7:30 Exercise routine, fine tuned for new running program (Thank you Mal for the inspiration) using larger cans of beans as weights #10s
9:00 Receive package delivered by man in ugly brown uniform driving funny looking truck. A centerpiece of living pine..smells good but card is unsigned, but addressed to "Dear Ladies". Are thinking it was meant for neighbors down the canyon.
9:15 Put new center piece on kitchen table along with card addressed to "Dear Ladies" ..just in case some poor lost soul stumbles into this God forsaken place by accident who can read and we want to impress.
10:00 Considered, briefly, paying rent to sleazy Lawyer of Native American landlady who died last week. Decided to let him worry a little longer.
10:30 Fixed our own dang toilet seat.
11:00 Looked at van which would not start...debated asking irritating neighbor for jump start. Decided to walk to store down mountain (10 miles) for something good to cook on Christmas. Lucked out...hitched ride half way down with bikers.
12:30 Found store closed for holidays. Picked bugs from teeth. Headed home.
1:00PM Refussed ride from yet another motorcycle gang. Accepted ride from old Rancher who nearly drove off side of mountain while waving arms around telling big lies about the old days....which we figured we wouldn't live to be old enough to tell about.
2:00 Read your blogs. Sorry about your loneliness Mal. Guess some of us are just luckier than others. Wish you were here to be having fun with us. Decided to roast wild pig for Christmas. The big mean one that chases us.
Merry Christmas Mal...your bloggs are a real joy to read. Thanks.
Faithful readers and new runners,
Annie & Neatie

Mal said...

Hey Annie & Neatie
Thanks for the review of your day, made me laugh. Did not have the greatest of Christmas's but then again it is only one day of the year

Anonymous said...

As we said...some of us are luckier than others. :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously Mal, you really have inspired us to run. We looked at your routine for one day. Is it possible for regular people, without gym, machines, sonas, running tracks or swimming pools to become good runners? Since we live in a canyon it is more like running an obsticle course...although it does make you sure footed and we hardly..breath hard. We do have one straight away...a dirt road out of the canyon but have to admit it gets boring runing in a striaght line and it is only a mile. Hope you get that advice for training in war zones up soon as maybe it will have good tips. And if you don't have a weight room what can you do? Maybe just a bench and some weights? Now that you have gotten our attention we need more info. Where to go?
Thanks for what we have learned from you so far.
Willing but in the back country.