Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Hard Post to Write

Sometimes truth can hurt in ways that really hurt you when you realise that. That you did'nt realise.

A friend today told me that I had made them turn against running and that I was no longer fun to run with. The reasons were stupid callous words that I had forgotten or chosen to put in the just words spoken but with no respect to my friends. people who i have run have every right to run with someone who wants to run just like them for the fun of it and not turn it into a competitive sport.

I will never win anything and perhaps now I should just step back and reflect.

Why? Because I enjoy running with friends above everything else, just for the fun of it. And maybe I have lost that focus and need to take drastic steps to repair this aspect of my life.

I am competitive that is my own curse that needs to be cured, and perhaps today was the biggest wake up I have ever had as to how I need to change my training and become once again the person people enjoy training with.

I no longer want to train alone and stare at my reflection on a computer screen of my heart rates and pace, there is no substitute for laughing and realising that running is fun.

We take each step as a solo runner, but the best sound is hearing a friends footsteps next to you not behind you.



21stCenturyMom said...

Oh heck - it sounds like you just got a little carried away. I can't imagine you were THAT offensive.

Run free!

James said...

Hi there,

I am acting on behalf of Sylvester Stein: an 87-year old master athlete still competing. I always enjoy reading your blog, even if you're a fair bit younger than Sylvester, who I usually work with! I was wondering if you'd mind linking back to our blog, "Born on Christmas Day" ( He’s quite new to all this online running community, but would like to feel more involved!

Sylvester also founded the PeakPeformance ( website, which has a strong tie with your own fitness and sport interests. Do get back to me.



Mal James said...

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Train strong

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