Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have fallen foul to my own enthusiasm for training we all do it , luckily I have done it without injury but my legs at the track yesterday felt like lead.

When I asked my coach Gavin if I was overtraining he said yes "Take it easy, Your running has improved so much"

So with the words of encouragement I have taken heed, time to back down a bit and focus on the Tel Aviv Triathlon this Saturday

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bari said...

Good luck on Saturday, Mal. I'll be doing the sprint (with the "old" people, too), starting at 9:00 (actually, 9:02 now that they've decided to separate the men and women for the sprint start). My ITA number is 1555 -- if you're not too exhausted when you finish, come out and cheer me on! It's going to be one hot run in Park Hayarkon!