Thursday, June 14, 2007

You often wonder?

Have been spending a lot of time looking around at other tri and running blogs in the past few days and have been trying to figure out what makes a good blog and how to adapt mine to reflect these.
Some tri'ers have great links and information whilst mine lately has seemed to be an endless listing of boring facts and figures complete with graphs that to be honest only are probably of no interest to to anyone and who cares about split times when the simple fact that I cannot understand simple instructions which are lost in translation are far more funny.
I suppose we all go through doubts about our blogs and whether they mean anything.
Then again what is the magic to some extent of specific blogs is that in a small way in connects us middle (to the back) of the pack athletes who compete for fun, we (well I) am never going to win anything in the forseeable future and no sponsorship deal is ever going to knock on my door.
I like being active and perhaps reading about other active people makes us all feel good, so maybe out there someone will read my blog and get a smile or look at my silly HR graphs and go wow dude that is awesome so that is why I like to blog.
Hope you all agree
Tri'ing harder


david said...

I think one values of keeping a blog is writing about what is important to you. So much of my running is by myself and I find support and reassurance in reading blogs. I find that others have the same ups and downs as I do. Thanks for your blog and keep doing what you are doing.

21stCenturyMom said...

The thing that makes people key into a blog is resonance. You have to write about the things that we all feel - frustration on a bad training day, willingness to transcend fear, triumph on a good training day or a PR, what gets you out of bed to train - that sort of thing. And then there is useful information to share like what you use for nutrition, great athletic clothes, etc.

In your case, writing about training in the Holy Land is really interesting to us North Americans.

Mostly we all want to follow each other's journey to a race, to a goal, to personal satisfaction. We want to cheer and celebrate and console each other. We also like little peeks into our fellow bloggers personal lives so that we can get to know them a little bit as people as well as fellow athletes.

So just keep writing about your training and about how you are feeling about your race preparation. That's what feeds our souls.

Fran said...

I like seeing your silly HR graphs cause I post them to! Glad to see I'm not alone.