Friday, June 15, 2007

How my run finished last night

This is a funny , only in Israel could this happen at the end of a run.

Thus, last night I was running with my hash group the Thirsty Knights Hash House Harriers, commonly using slogans like runners with a drinking problem or drinkers with a running problem. Simply you run with friends then rehydrate with beer. Ok not the best training program but it adds a great alternative to speed intervals or long runs.

So as we ran back to the car park at the end of the run last night, there was a police car with its lights flashing next to my car. Now your immediate thoughts are of course , expletive my car has been broken into oh expletive.

However the car was untouched and the concern was that my car with its TV signs painted on the windows was in fact a suspected terrorist vehicle. The background being last week Militants in Gaza had tried to kidnap another Israeli soldier down in Gaza by getting a SUV and painting TV on the windows they had approached an israeli checkpoint. There attempt was thwarted one was killed and three others fled back into Gaza.

This story was palyed heavily in the local press, and last night whilst my car had been parked and left unattended two boys had seen my car and being good concerned citizens called the police and reported a "suspected potential terrorist vehicle"

The policeman was cool about it all and drove off smiling, after we explained to him dripping in sweat " That hey no, thats just Mals car".

So a funny only in Israel way to end a run. You have to laugh.

The vehicles look so similar LOL


21stCenturyMom said...

Well- they do have the same letters on them!

Excellent story - except for the part about why the police were concerned.

Maybe I need to join the hashers to get my run on. Something has to break this spell!

Fran said...

Hey thanks for the link. I guess they can't be too careful over there. Your van does have tinted windows so it's good that some people were concerned.

Regarding your question about my HR monitor. I use the Polar s625x and the same Polar Precision software that you're using. There's an option when you right click on the graph and select "curve properites" under the HR tab to select "colour target areas". Do that and you'll get the colours. I only recently discovered that feature myself. I don't paste into ms paint, but paste into Irfanview which is a freeware photo viewer that can do basic image manipulation. I like it because it makes much smaller files than MS paint when you use the .png plugin. Most of my graphs are under 10k in size.