Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Whew Whatta

The title "whew whatta" comes from my past, when working as an editor in a tv station n Melbourne Australia, whenever there was a heatwave (Remember those days before global warming) , so whenever we had hot weather the line up editors used the expression " Whew Whatta " as in What a hot day.

So the other day Chaim asks me if I would like a run Sunday evening, not realising that a heatwave was on its way I thought could be a good time to work with Chaim and run at a local track up from his home, and introduce the Yasso 800's into the mix as we start training for the Munich Marathon in October.

From what I can figure it was at least 39 degrees C over a 100 F, when i got back into my car the temp came up as 45 degrees C.

If you look at my heart rate , click on the graph it expands out you can see that it was beyond my max rate of 172 , was hard to guage as i did not feel like I was pushing the bounds, but this is clear proof of the effects of hot weather and training. A good lesson learnt about training in the heat.

We had a good workout but I felt the effects and a lesson learnt

Train Smart .


21stCenturyMom said...

187!!! Yowzah! Way too high. Looks like you need to do those Yassos in the early AM. Yassos rule, by the way. If you can genuinely do them (i.e. 10 Yasso repeats with recovery running for the same number of minutes inbetween) you will, according to Bart Yasso, meet your marathon goal. Good luck with that!

Mal James said...

I trained with Yasso 800's prior to my Marathon in Paris 2005, when I broke the 4 hour barrier , good system but when you get up to ten repeats it is a long session on the track.
I will continue with my coach and two track sessions a week