Friday, January 19, 2007

Forest Run

There are some days when running is pure pleasure and this morning I met with the tri group and we ran in the forest. The sky was crystal clear and cold, sunlight filtered thru trees and cut passages of light.

All nice sounding except that we were running hard, and by no means was this a conversational paced long run. One of my better quotes of the morning was when I turned to a girl next to me and said are you hurting too and the reply was a grunted yes.

It was in the mountains and I hope you can see the altitude in the graph.

One of those runs when you really feel alive, except when you are hurting


Anonymous said...

Mal, thanks for the running story and for the graphs. Besides the inspiration to run from you..the main reason we started running is because we live on a mountain up off the desert floor and then there are more higher mountains just beyond us so within attainable miles we can cover three totally different types of terrain and definitely change altitudes the whole way. Wish we could do a graph like you. It is beautiful and away from cities the air is a pleasure to breath. It is worth the pain! Thanks for reminding us how great life can be. Keep on enjoying it, Mal. and please keep on blogging while you run. Women are used to men with silly questions, Mal. Honestly, "Are you hurting too?" You can do better than that.
two inspired beginners

Lana said...

Mal - I was so excited when I saw your comment! I hear Steve Runner talk about you all the time! Thanks for reading my blog and directing me to yours - I'll keep in touch!

TheTruckn'Runner said...

Mal, thanks for the tip about my "first three mile issue", I'll give it a shot and keep you posted.
Oh, by the way you were right about robberies helping keep me speed up! I missed the light pole but the curb almost got me! :)
Awesome graph of your forest run, I can see that run must have been great! Keep on keepn' on my friend! DC

PLANET3RRY said...

I love the graph... very informative. What model of HRM do you have?