Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hills & Track

Tuesday Morning. I have not run hills for a while now, once they were a staple part of my weeks training espicially leading up to my first marathon in Athens 2004. The original Marathon course is actually an oxymoron, for one long bloody hill.
My next challenge is an Ultra marathon March 10th in Australia, when I am going to run the six foot track ultra, 45 km all off road and all hills well mountains actually. So Tuesday was my first real hills session, with six repeats next week will up the repeats to 7 or 8 , it makes for a nice graph

Thursday morning Track, after not much sleep due to work I did hit the snooze button twice at 5 am, it is hard to get up and be motivated to be at the track by 6:30 realising that I had to make my lunch, pack clothes for work and more running clothes for the hash tonight.
But there I was in the cold warming up, why is it that coaches always tell you to go faster when you do not feel in the slighest incline to go faster, but then againthat is what the coaches do ... duh ... they coach , After warm up we did hamstring steps which is a cross between a Nazi goose step and a Monty Python silly walk, followed by lunges. A word on lunges is that they really work, if you want to build up muscle strength in your legs then a couple of times a week do lunges 50m slow.
Then for the main session we had to do 400m fast 400m medium withing 12 seconds of your fast pace repeat thus 4 x 400 f/m/f/m 60 second break repeat x 4 . thus 4x4x400 which by the end hurts

The long Runs to come this weekend


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, coach, as all we have to run on is off road wild pig and cow trails. We always end up at a watering hole. You are full of great advice and we always try to do what you....suggest...more or less. Athens sounds like a dream. An honest question....Is it harder for you to run down hill than up? We have found it so and were wondering is it is just us? Do the lunges help with that?
We admire your tenacity and it is somewhat inspiring. What a schedule!
Desert Mountains

Anonymous said...

I loved the Ministry of funny walks.