Friday, January 26, 2007

Trying to configure weekends

One of the problems adjusting to my training group for my running and tri program is that they gear it towards the Israel week which has Friday and Saturday as its weekend. Up to now I have always looked forward to running long with my friends on Saturday morning , but that is my group cycling day. In fact Saturday mornng is the only day you can ride safely on the roads here, where hitting cyclists is a National Sport that they want to include in the Olympics. The group runs long on Saturday and I have always had Friday off as my Rest Day.
So the dilemna exists, but this weekend my last in Israel before my holiday I am taking today off as a Rest Day, Cycling 70+ km with the group tomorrow morning then Hash Running in the afternoon and a Sunday Long Run with Yoga afterwards
as they say downunder

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backatcha as they say in Arizona