Friday, January 12, 2007

The Need for Rest

Thursday morning was another hard track session, given that it was only a week to the day since the marathon. My legs have felt good but by the end of this session of 3 x 1200's repeats with increasing pace on each lap, followed by 2 x800's each around 3:30 I was tired. Not to mention that I had to set a hash run immediately afterwards and followed it up by running the actual 5 km of the hash run that night.
I woke this morning and said to myself I have earned a Rest Day before the weekend training schedule which looks something like this Saturday AM - 70km bike ride with the group PM Run about 5 km, Sunday AM Spin Class and Yoga followed by swimming and weights in the afternoon.
This training for triathlon is hard but the rewards are coming as my running is starting to feel much stronger with each run being very focused

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight into your training routine. We adapt as we learn from you. We especially like the rest day part. We'll never be able to run like you and your friends but you have given us some goals to push for and we are enjoying it much. Please keep writing and enjoying what you do. You are a fun person to read as well as informative.