Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Report

Saturday Training
Good Endurance Ride 65 km , have been told that I will be moving up into the top group for the next ride, the group on Saturday was the intermediate pack, and they have trouble holding the wheel and moving together, all they do is just keep braking and slowing the peloton down too much. I took off on my own a few times when the coach told me to push harder. When you are out alone you really have to work so much harder and trying to keep in front of the peloton you do push much more.
Saturday afternoon was a hash run of about 5 km, not hard but legs were still tired from the run, will be starting to do brick sessions soon, when you ride hard then get off your bike and start running. Ths does hurt as different muscles are suddenly used.
Sunday Morning . Long Run 16.5 km in 1:33:00 good pace pushed hard in sections thru sandhills, wanted to do this in prep for my Ultra in May. Following the run off to Yoga for a 90 minute stretch and bend, would like to say that I am getting more flexible but not quite yet

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