Monday, January 08, 2007

Tiberius Marathon Pictures Updated

In the Marathon Report, I have added a few pictures .. check it out


TheTruckn'Runner said...

Hi Mal,
DC from DCTherunningTrucker here. Thank you for your comment. I have heard about you many times while listening to Phedippidations.
Pleasure to meet you. Saddly blogging is all new to me, but I feel I'm catching on fairly quickly. It is just so awesome to meet fellow runners and here and read their running stories. I hope to run my first Marathon in April of this year. I just hope that my training will carry me to a finish as good as yours! Awesome time on your Tiberius Marathon by the way!
Oh, as for Phidipp-I've been listening to them all over the country and only have a couple more to go...Such a great podcast...
Please be careful, God Bless, Fellow Runner, DC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the added photos. Interesting place to run, huh? Do you like photography or running more?

Mal James said...

Thanks Az
Always enjoy running more, do enough photography for work so it is nice to just run for fun. I think photos add a great dimension to blogs and try to add as many as possible and relevant.