Thursday, January 18, 2007

Runners Elbow

Track starts at 6:30 am, and on a cold morning here we stand shivering with our breath's blowing in the early dawn light. It was to be a speed session starting with 5 x 400's with splits 3,4 & 5 to be at maximum. We soon break down to groups in which we are similar in speed, so five of us set out, the first two spilits warming up have us doing around 1:37 for the 400's before opening up and doing the last 3 in 1:30 each within .10 of a second.
On the first lap of the third my legs hit lactate pain at 300 m , on the second at 200m and by the last I had only gone 100m before my legs were burning bad and still with 300m to go the rest of the group tucked in behind me and wanted me to hold the pace. One guy even said if he had passed me I would of only run harder to try and pass him back so he decided to err in the pain we already were in. There is a competitive aspect of me, espicially on track where I can see the end of the pain just around the bend.
Then it was 5 x 100's with only a walk back to regather before sprinting back the track. I can say with pride that I hit 24.8 km/h.
Which to these old legs made me very happy, my best split for the 100 was 13.0 seconds the other four were all within a few tenths with my slowest being 13.8.
There is a lot to be said for a Speed Track Session.
The only pain I had after all of that this morning was that my elbows to the triceps hurt, i had been pumping my arms so hard that I had managed to give myself "Runners Elbow"

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