Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Report

Started Saturday off with very dead legs but managed to get an hour run done , in the park in Tel Aviv . I have run this park so many times that it can at times bore the living hell out you, but it is central for a lot of my friends so we often end up there. My legs were so tired that I almost realised from the start that Track on Thursday followed by the Long Forest Run on Friday had taken there toll. But call me silly and foolhardy, I did kick out and get 10.5 km in slower than I would like but still the joy of running endorphins do kick in and it felt good.
Saturday afternoon was the local hash groups Run 666, so we hired a bus and went up to the archaelogical site at Meggido, also known as Armageddon, where accroding to the bible the end of the world will happen and in Revelations 13:18 the number of the beast is 666, so we ran through the forests and fields there, another 7 km and by this time I was completely shot , but the good thing about "hashing" is that we always have a few post run beers and even a good bbq.
Sunday was definetely a day off running. No way was I going to run, so I had a killer Spin Class that in the venacular kicked a... , followed by a hour and half of Yoga. As much as I try I still cannot get my head down on the floor but this will not stop me. If anything it was a great stretch to finish the week
Monday ... REST DAY... Well I only did half an hour on my stationary bike trainer , I did try to rest
Tomorrow is Sound of Music Day ... Running the hills


PLANET3RRY said...

The hills are ALIVE with the sound of runners...

"Cream colored race shirts and crisp apple clif shots,
(starting) guns and finish lines and volunteers with water,
Pints of cold beer with tales of PR times
These are a few of my favorite things"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mal for your faithful blog. You are all that is keeping us running...left right repeat... You're the best.
There once was a runner named Mal
Who liked to drink beer with his gal
In spite of sore toe
the man was all go
and he outran his friends by a mile
more or less

Faithful Soles said...

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