Saturday, May 06, 2006

End of the Week Summary

Ok today has sucked for various reasons and been good for others, there are things that you cannot control and people getting shitty and in bad moods then taking offense at you without thinking of the their own actions is one them. Now that, that is off my chest to a degree that is better.

Being Saturday lunchtime I am down at the Gym using their wifi network to get online , update my logs and work on the Inaugral worldwide half marathon idea with, which has taken roots this week and will be fun

Had a nice solid 13 km long this morning in around 1:18:00 actually think it is a better time than that will have to download the HRM when I get the chance and actually look at the splits, followed that by a core session which has left my abs painfully sore which is painfully good , then a Spin Class which had my legs saying enough for today thats it no more

Weekly Stats

Running 37 km
Eliptical 9 km
Spinning 90 km
Swim .5 km
Gym 1:10:00

Yearly Stats to Date

Running 693 kms
Eliptical 46 km
Spinning 641 kms
Swimming 6.8 kms
Gym 3:20:00
Cycling XT 76 km

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21st Century Mom said...

Did someone say 'international 1/2 marathon'? Sounds interesting.