Monday, May 15, 2006

Track 10 x 200

There is something about running 200 repeats on a track, somehow we all have images of Michael Johnson in his Gold Shoes running in his style or Justin Gatlin exploding or Mal James in full poetic motion as he glides around the bend before opening up on the straight.

To set the record straight, I would be coming off the bend as they crossed the line, it would be like watching one of those uplifting Olympic moments when the crowd would forget about the winner and focus on the sheer beauty of the sport and the underdog giving it all he could for national pride on a foreign track many miles from home. There would be uplifting music under the montage of slo motion camera angles, except they would not have to slow it down to much.

Now all that being said and remembering the absolute crap session I had last time at the track, today was a good workout, using it to pick up speed for the upcoming entry into my first tri in Tel Aviv next month.


#1 - 46.2
#2 - 43.2
#3 - 42.0
#4 - 42.4
#5 - 41.6
#6 - 40.6
#7 - 41.8
#8 - 41.6
#9 - 41.1
#10- 37.8 ( pace 3:53 km/min) - ( Speed 16.6 km/h)

A good session in hot weather . temps hit 31 degrees C
HRM - failed in monitoring heart - flat battery

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