Monday, May 22, 2006

Zen & The Art of YOGA

Over the last year or so of active training and pushing hard the one thing that I have lost is flexibility. The days of lifting my leg up onto a fence or post to stretch out have just been getting harder. So rather than settle for the loss of being limber I went to my first Yoga Class yesterday.

Now if you have never done a Yoga Class you will probably of had the same preconceptions that I did, that you sit in a pleasant incensed smelling room, listening to relaxing whale songs and everyone sits around cross legged chanting OMH and becoming incredibly flexible whilst not doing much.... WRONG

This was a full gym room and man it was physical , When you start sweating in a yoga class you know that any pre conceived ideas are out of the window for an hour and a half I moved and stretched my limbs beyond my wildest dreams, no it was not doing backward dolphins before twisting into the savage cobra. It was a total muscle stretch that felt fantastic , At least you have five minutes at the start and at the end when you just lie down and listen to the relaxing easy music, that bit I did do well.

Looking forward to going back, just like learning to run , learning Yoga will be a fun thing to achieve OMH OMH OMH

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