Thursday, May 25, 2006

New York 2006 Training Program

It is about a month out now from starting the full scale Training Program for New York 2006, putting the finishing touches to the program, based on my experiences to date. This year I will be concentrating on three to four solid runs a week each with a focus, rather than junk miles where I have previously just logged ten km runs for the sake of mileage.

Each week will have

1. The Long Run (Saturday Morning)
2. A Track Session - working up to 10+ 800's (Yassos)
3. A Hills Session - again working up to around 10 repeats
4. A Tempo Run - Fast hard distance and pace

I will also keep up a more focused XT Program this year that will include
At least 3 Spin Classes a week
Yoga once a week this is needed for my flexibility , which is at an all time low
Weight Training twice a week coupled together with Core workouts

If I can figure out how to put the excel spreadsheet up will post that as well

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