Thursday, May 11, 2006

Phedippidations Worldwide Half Marathon

Now fellow runners this is a totally fun and fantastic thing that I have become involved in , I am a "Race Director" that is so cool , for those who have not listened to the Podcast Phedippidations then as a runner you are missing out on a great way to increase the pleasure of running
Check out
But this is a way of saying that we are organising runners from around the world to join us on October 8th 2006 and share the experience of running a half marathon together, whether in an organised run or just running alone on your own course you have measured out, join us on October 8th for a truly global run
If you have any questions please leave a message or comment and I will get back to you


rambonie said...

GREAT! It's on my calendar. I think it works in well with the NYC trainign schedule too :)

Guys is there a registration page yet?

Director let me know via email if I can help you in any way


Mal said...

Hey Rambonie
Gaza Running here , we have met on triscoop . The Half Marathon Challenge has literally only come to grounds this week, it is going to be along the lines of Simply Stu's amazing effort for his tri earlier this year event, What we have put into place at this stage is a direct forum page on , home of Phedippidations , in the next couple of weeks I will be putting together a registration program , then later we are hoping to work out a method so that everyone can print out a race number , failing that there is always a black marker on the arms and legs
Will keep you posted and by the way will see you in New York , that is my feature run this year looking forward to it

21st Century Mom said...

Oct 8th? I will be in Cusco Peru, or on an adventure to Machu Picchu. I wonder if I could handle 13 miles at 10,000 feet. Probably not but I'll be thinking of you.

21st Century Mom said...

Not 'or on' just 'on'

Mal said...

Who says you have to run , if you walk 21.1 km over the weekend Oct 7 / 8 , then you can enter as an high altitude entrant think , you could be our highest entrant by simply enjoying your holiday , there is no time limit . Enter for fun and have a great holiday with the bonus of winning for the most extreme entrant