Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back to Saturday Normality

Saturday is long day , and after an extended period of just running a loop on the Lebanon border, it was back to meeting my friends at 6 am and heading out on one of my old favorite routes thru sand trails and up some hills . water at the gas station and the loop back and up the one and only original el bastido a long slow hill , the only trouble was that I managed to get totally dehydrated and was sweating so much that I could wring water out of my trainers
but 16 km in the morning and it felt good.
Then in the afternoon set a hash run 6.5 km , then had to run the 6.5 km in the heat
29 km on my first day back and I just fell asleep, feeling exhausted from exercise for a chang. Felt good
Sunday Rest Day and no guilt
Would have boring stats but I left my watch back at where I am staying

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J.C. said...

Good to see that you can get back to long runs, they are great. WWPHM will be here in no time!