Saturday, August 05, 2006

Running the fence Israel Lebanon

Its Saturday, Long Run day ... Well today I ran 3.6 km the same as the day before. Not long but 20 minutes is a nice way to start the day. Walking out hotel there is Matthew Chance from CNN doing a live shot in the street, CNN do not like to leave the comforts of their hotel too often. And sitting in the patio are the FOX overnight crew having just finished there shift sitting and having a beer, why not it is six in the morning and you have finished work so a beer before bed goes down well.

Jeff Goldblatt joined me again, safety in numbers as I like to think up here.

It was the fence run again, and the conversation ranged from

" How many marathons, have you run Mal" to

" That house, looks like a Katusah hit the roof" to

" Isnt it pretty here with the morning light on the tanks"

We ran the same as the day before but managed to keep my HR down lower going up the Good Fence HIll past the tanks.

Now Jeff and I have a pact , tomorrow we are going to do two circuits .... that means twice up that hill

If this war goes on I could be up to ten repeats

The Daily Stats

Distance 3.37
Time 22.33 (take 20 seconds off for stretching hamstring)
Heart Rate Average 126
Heart Rate Max 162
kcal 234
ascent 65 m
temp 28 C
speed av 9.9 km/h
speed max 12.9
pace avg 6.04 km/min
pace max 4.48 km/min


Russ said...

Hey Mal, you might have to lay out a half-mararthon course there on the border for the Phedipp WWHM if this keeps up!

Mal said...

Have started planning a course already , but very hilly