Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chaim Topless

When you are driving to Chaim's and the temperature outside is reading 35 C you know that it is going to be a long sweaty 12 km ramble thru the suburbia of Kfar Sava, but then again you can always cool down afterwards and it is a good reason to try my new fast red Brooks trainers, red is faster and we all know that already.
Since my trainers are new and Chaims are also new we decided that there would be no running in dirt so as to get them dirty.
It was a greatr training run we both kicked hard and long and held a great pace for 10 km and did not get our trainers dirty we actually did 12 and by the end the sweat so bad that the trainers not dirty but absolutely drenched with sweat to the point that you wring them out
It is great to watch and run with friends like Chaim who has improved so amazingly and had a complete life style change that he looks almost ten years younger in the last six months. In hot weather I like to run with no top, it only collects sweat and feels bad, Chaim has always been to self concousios to run topless due to the thought he was too heavy, well he has lost so much weight and last night I actually convinced him to run topless, we had to carry our running tops for 7 km's though that was a drag.

Boring Facts and Stats

Distance 12 km
Time 1:08:40
Split 10km - 56:49
Heart Rate 135/155
Speed avg 10.3 kmh
Speed max 13.5 kmh
Ascent 75 m
Temp 34C


Anonymous said...

I got my new shoes dirty this last week. They have 38 miles on them, but they are not red. Maybe I could train a bit faster if I got the red ones. hmmm.

Anyway, I was on an 8 mile run this weekend and the shoes got quite drenched in sweat. With the dust on some of the roads I ran, they got dirty. Now I can wear them on dirt trails I guess.


J.C. said...

New shoes are so much fun and fast of course! I just picked up a pair of Asics Kinsei, right now they are just for "dry" runs. I'm sure it won't be long until they are ready for the trails.

Fast time on the 12k and a great 10k split.

Mal said...

Of course red is the fastest not to mention that my favourite football (soccer) team wears red , and tomorrow on the long run not only will they get drenched with the sweat running down me but might even get some dirt, fun to have clean trainers for a while anyway