Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Running with Attitude

The kidnapping news from Gaza last night had left me dumb and this mornings run was for Steve & Olaf, I could run - they cannot.

Of course it was the Metula loop sans war, the el barstido hill is now a dust bowl of fine filtered dust that is of course my excuse for not running up it again, but I ran as far as i could before I was choked in the dust and stumbling thru the tank tracks that have turned the road to a rutted track.

The sounds of nature are far better than the sounds of war to run to. I was going to take my i pod and catch up on some podcasts that I have not had time to listen, but of course the battery was flat. So I ran alone and ran hard. There are times when you want to hear your breath labor and feel the burning in the legs.

And yet again another PB ... sub 19 for the El barstido loop

Here are the details.

Distance 3.7 km
Time 18:49 PB
Hr avg 135
Hr Max 161
Kcal 242
Ascent 65 m
Temp 27 C
Speed average 10.8
Speed max 15.8 kmh
Pace avg 5:34 min / km
Pace max 3:56 min/km

If you run today, think of my friends Olaf & Steve and run a few strides for them

Qiryat Shemona
Northern Israel / Lebanon Border

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Mae Mae said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks now... a different perspective on what is going on- and I like to hear about your runs. I was saddened to hear about your friends and today when I read the paper I was reminded of their story via the associated press...
your friends/associates are in my prayers.