Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The one with the flak jacket

No I was not wearing a flak on the run this morning, but it was too great an oppurtunity to pass up on , as I turned the corner to run up el barstido hill, I spotted an uplink truck with a guy wearing his flak jacket jabbering excitedly , so naturally I ran behind him and carried on up the hill . Would of made great TV ... Hero War Correspondent standing on the frontline and a jogger in a singlet runs past behind him ....
No Jeff this morning the artillery firing kept him awake most of the night , so solo run today and another PB 19:13

The stats are sketchy as my watch suddenly read full memory

So here is what I can gather

Distance .... what else 3.7 km
Time 19:13
Hr av 137
HR max 167
Kcal 253
Temp 27 C
Speed av 11.3
Speed max 15.8
Pace average 5:18
Pace max 3:57


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

My hubby is in Iraq right now and he loves the days he can run without his flak. Good luck to you.

Mal said...

Thanks and my thoughts to you with your husband in Iraq I travel there a couple of times a year and know what a hard place it is

PLANET3RRY said...

What kind of watch do you use? Is there a chest strap?

Mal said...

Polar 625X awesome watch without doubt the best training tool I have ever used

Mal said...

Sorry Terry it has a chest strap and a foot pod which transmits the pace speed distance altitude and then the chest strap has the heart rate covered

Russ (PerfesserR) said...

Mal, do you think you can get a flak vest imprinted with the Phedippidations WWHM logo on it?
Seriously, I sure hope that things cool down up there soon and that you are out of the line of fire. Hope to join you for a long run in September.

Mal said...

No my flak jacket is black , this seasons in color