Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Defeating El Bastido

Jeff has left and is no doubt fast asleep with a fine wine inside him jetting across the Atlantic as I ran the Metula Loop again this morning. I know many of you are asking why I do not change my training run, and go down El Bastido rather than running up it every day. Well the loop back into Metula going in reverse has a son of El Bastido.

This morning I set out not to run a PB or run fast, I wanted to listen to Phedippidations Podcast, keep my strength in reserve and defeat EB. Nice easy pace along the border fence all looking good, feeling good turn the corner and up we go, small easy steps not racing focusing on just doing it, all the tanks and APC's have gone, even the dust has blown away to a degree. The odd farmer on his 4wd thingy goes by and a tractor is heard in the orchard. Managed to keep my heart rate down to 153 bpm.

And step by step, stride by stride El Bastido was beaten, so Jeff as you sleep I beat the EB and tomorrow the DOUBLE LOOP

Boring Details

Distance 3.7 km
Time 19:52 minutes
kcal 249
temp 30 C
spd av 10.1 kmh
spd max 13.2 kmh
pace av 5:57 min / km
pace mx 4:38 min / km

Heart Rate Resting 51
Heart Rate Av 135
Heart Rate Max 153