Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally the Double Loop

After so much procrastination and promises to myself that I would run the double loop including twice up the El Bastido hill. I can now report that it has been done. Felt good but it was hard the war here has not been good for my training and health but at least I can now look in the mirror and say I did the double. A small personal victory, in a very hard personal time.

The Boring Stuff Now

Distance 6.6km
Time 43:45

Heart Rate Resting 53
Heart Rate Avg 134
Heart rate Max 158

kcal 551
Ascent 120 m
temp 33C (it was hot, 98F)

Speed average 9.0 kmh (walking el bastido twice was hard enough)
Speed Max 13.1 kmh

Pace max 4:40 min/km
Pace avg 6:40 min/km

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So you had the balls to do the DOUBLE afterall mate! Great stuff. Awesome. Next up- the Metula Marathon?
Best... Your Short Time Katyusha Partner