Friday, March 24, 2006

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Footsteps

Training for my first marathon in Athens Nov 2004, the hills circuit was an intrical part of training for the killer hill on the Athens course , well it has been a long time since I turned the corner and hit the watch for my first set, the only difference is now I am trying to work on better form so whilst my times were slower than previous times from years past, I did feel better form wise , so I took so comfort from that.
For the record my splits were 1:52 , 1:48 , 1:48 , 1:46

Last couple of days have been mainly gym cross training managed to figure out how to read half of what is on the eliptical machine as it is in Hebrew , The Interval workout on the Eliptical is a good session if you push yourself

The last spin class was another killer , good thing I did not understand a word of what was being given in Instruction , when the rest of the class stands , so do I when they pedal harder I pedal harder , must work on my hebrew so at least I get some of the instructions

Tomorrow morning is long day , might aim for twenty but no doubt the rest of the group will want shorter and slower

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FreddyBeachPete said...

I enjoyed reading your post from the 2005 NYC marathon. I am taking part this year through the Team Diabetes Canada program. All the best!