Friday, March 31, 2006

The Joy of Daylight Saving

Daylight Saving ended here last night, one of the quirks about the Friday Saturday weekend in the Holylands and given that Friday night is Shabat, religious people are not allowed to do anything that causes a reaction, thus turning a clock is an action and is not permitted so we turn our clocks back on Thursday night, all being said that meant that todays track session was in fact cooler as there was still shade on the back part of the track.

This morning's workout was a 1600 warm up, 8 x 400's (with 100m intervals) cool down 2400 m

Spilts were all were between 1:36 and 1:40 so happy with all splits, did not want to push to hard as right hamstring felt tight and having once pulled a hamstring was not going back down that path again. I rated today at around 80 - 85 % effort, normally like to push harder on track workouts, however since the Marine Corp and back to back with New York are my goals avoiding injury and building my base are the main goals.

Yesterday was a double workout , thirty minutes on the Eliptical and a Hash Run in the evening which is a good excuse to have a couple of cold beers with friends, will right more about the hash method of running, where beer and money meet

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