Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rest Day & Hills

I have really been pushing of late and yesterday decided that the best thing yesterday morning was to take a REST DAY. There is no doubt that you have to rest to get better performances. When I woke up the legs just felt heavy so I using mental strength more than anything, I rested. Sometimes the frustration of not working out is worse than the aches and pains of pushing myself.

Today, was a new day after signing up at the Gym last night I bounded down there at 6am only to find that it was not open due to a Public Holiday for the Elections here. If I was blonde I would have an excuse. So back home and out onto the road.

I have had the feeling that in the last few months I had been doing junk km's , and so I have been refocusing on doing track, Hills and of course the weekly long. Thus I headed to the Hills Circuit which is a nice warm up of two km's, before turning onto the Hill , again I decided on only doing four repeats , the transition into this hill training has to be done gradually , not wanting to suffer any injuries

Today the efforts of shortening my pace seems to be working well, I felt really strong and the splits today reflected many things including the cross training regime

#1 - 1:45
#2 - 1:46
#3 - 1:43
#4 - 1:38

Heart Rates Average 119 Max 153

Good Session

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FreddyBeachPete said...

Hi Mal, this is Peter from Canada writing again. Thanks for checking out my blog. I've put a link to yours and I mentioned you in yesterday's post. I chuckled when I read your "blond" comment. Jeepers, even I, way over here in Canada, knew that it was election day in Israel! Liked reading your post about the 3 countries half marathon. I would love to visit your part of the world sometime and that alone would be a good excuse to do it. All the best. Hope we'll meet some day in person.