Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday Tri, well not Tri but three

Sunday is an easy day , nice spin class to start with, really enjoying the sweat and music in a spin class it manages to get my Heart Rate up and now I am starting to feel the benefits of my legs getting stronger, I am also hoping that this will improve my leg turnover cadeance. Which I need to improve my times and escape the stagnation of my running in the last few months.

Nothing happening in the evening, so back to the Gym for a session on the Eliptical trainer, which I enjoy as it is a great crosstraining option with no impact, something that I realise is an important factor for me, and yet a good cardio workout. Followed up by 600 m swim , so at the end of the day a poor mans Tri

Swim (yes) cycle (one hour spin class) run (eliptical 40 minutes)

Not bad for a quiet day

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