Monday, March 20, 2006

Spin Spin Spin

Have just joined the local gym here and this morning at seven am, there I was with the padded pants ready to start a spin class. I started spinning a few weeks ago to test whether it would be of any benefit to my running and since it has done no harm and I do feel stronger in the legs, have decided that for the next couple of months my XT days will include a spin class and swim, I do add that the Jacuzzi is also a bonus , now on my way home from long runs the lure of the Jacuzzi will be tempting.
Spinning is a great cardio workout and trust me you do sweat, below my bike it looks like the ice caps have melted, just wished I could follow the Instructors better since the whole class is in hebrew, but my basic knowledge seems to be getting me thru without to many distressed looks from the Instructors.
One thing about me, is that when I take a Gym membership on, it is full tilt or nothing. So expect my road runs to become less frequent and endless tales of the monotomy of the treadmill, but then again in summer the cool of the Gym is far better than the heat of the Middle East
Run Strong

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