Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Track , Eliptical & a Swim

Great Workout today , for to long now my running to an extent has contained to many junk miles , nothing to focus on in terms of a goal. The Three Boarders was a good run but I knew in advance that I was going to run with Chaim and that I was not going to be physically pushed , so my training reflected that , no hills or speed work and some half hearted attempts at tempo runs. The mistake for not specifically training for speed for the Kfar Sava 10 km still irks me beyond words, if I could of made more mistakes in 48 minutes I doubt it.
So this morning I had decided that I was just going to head to the Gym and try and catch a 8:45 class after dropping Brittany at school. Then I decided hell why not push go and do a solid track session and then go to the Gym.
So down to the National Track in Tel Aviv and after a warm up , I started on 400 splits, why 400's and not Yasso 800's , well I am going to program Yasso's later in my training schedule but in the meantime I want to work on speed and 400's will be a good base if I want to try and get another 10km in before the end of the season.
It was a great workout, my first 400 split was 1:37 and that was to be my slowest of the session, going into my sixth interval I really focused on shortening my stride and picking up turnover cadence and wham bam thank you maam a sweet 1:30:50 for 400. One more I decided and even that came in at 1:33 , cool down to follow . But what was best that for the first time in a long time I felt that I had really pushed and had a great running workout.
Into the car up to the Gym with the endorhins still pulsing I decided to try the Elipitical Machine having never used one before and for thirty minutes I enjoyed a non impact solid workout , onto the matts and machines for ab's and core then down into the pool for an easy 400m cool down for the day
Hey this Gym thing is not bad, when I join a Gym it is for keeps and not a one month joke
All in all , great workout today , still feel the endorphins

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