Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saturday Long Feb 18

I look forward to our Saturday Long Runs, it is the chance to unwind and relax with friends, take it easy and cruise for an hour and half thru along the river at Park Yarkon in Tel Aviv. It is a great time of year to run here in Israel, the cold mornings (not that they get that cold in the Mid East) the weather is about 11 degrees Celsius.
We have all signed up for the New York Marathon in November, well apart from Judith who naturally has this or that reason and cannot figure out why we cannot answer questions on behalf of NYRRA and the Travel Operators but that will pass with time and she should have her answers, that way she will have more questions for us to answer.
It is too early to start an official training program, so we will just work on building a solid base over the next few weeks. The question facing me this year is whether to run for time or to run with the others. I do not want to commit to a time but I want the others to be prepared to push and go for a goal not just to finish. It is a hard personal decision, but sometimes I would like to be pushed and not be the Pusher.

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