Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lesons Learned from Kfar Sava

Ok I ran a PB by a second or two , 48:06. However I made the mistake of getting into a race with my old running buddy Andy. Even though it was not meant to be, it was. I managed to ruin a a great effort by a running a PB because I did not run my run, but ran for every wrong reason and that is not want running is all about.
Hey I am 46 years old, I did not start running till a few years ago having never run a km before in my life. I thought about it for the next twenty four hours and have made a big mental break thru - run for the fun of running. Enjoy the pride of breaking your own records as they are the only ones that count and sometimes just run with friends for the freindship of running.
I get far more joy after helping a running friend better there times, the infection of happiness is best spread human to human.

Now rock on Three Borders Half Marathon this Friday , I want to run for fun

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